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Bakers on Groote Eylandt have turned a profit by selling cakes from a van.

The delicacies were made by enterprising senior students at Angurugu School.

The commercial expansion followed an opportunity to sell at the Christmas market run by Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island Enterprises.

Students Nora Amagula, Jayzron Wurrawilya and Audrey Wurramarra presided over a complete sell-out at the market stall.

Teacher Jane Dwan says the cake makers were then inspired to load a van and take the tasty treats to buyers in the community.

“Angurugu was quiet, so we decided to drive to Alyangula where many people had gone to bank,” she says.

“We took a tip from a local man, who ate a cupcake and said, ‘This is really good – you should go back to the community and sell at houses with no cars.

“We drove to businesses, houses and the supermarket, and Nora and her friend Letrisha had a great time selling cakes from the van, and earned themselves a nice little Christmas bonus.”

Previously, a cake stall financed an interstate trip.