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Singer Emily Wurramara has dedicated her latest song, Cruisin’, to her godbrother, Dion Gundy, who died in a car accident in 2018.

“It makes you appreciate your life and people in your life,” she says.

Emily, who is a strong supporter of the Anindilyakwa Land Council’s successful music program, was born and raised on Groote Eylandt but now lives in Tasmania.

Praise for Cruisin’ and Emily have flooded in on social media from around the country.

One woman writes simply: “Beautiful sis.

And another says: “I just discovered this delightful human being and I’m completely mesmerised.”

A South Australian writes: “Beautifully done. Been playing this on repeat, I love it so much. Can’t wait for more songs from you.”

Emily remembers a happy childhood on Groote – fishing and being with her extended family, her mother telling Dreamtime stories.

Her debut EP, Black Smoke, which is sung in English and Anindilyakwa, was released in 2016 and her first full-length album, Miluakburra, is a love story about her home on Bickerton Island (Milyakburra).

Emily is a mum – her daughter, K’iigari, was born on Boxing Day 2017.

“Having a baby girl reminds me of the strength of a woman and how beautiful and privileged we are to be able to experience that”.

She was nominated for Best Blues and Roots Album at the 2018 ARIA Awards.

Emily is a six-time Queensland Music Award winner.