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Alyangula Area School is working hard to prepare our children for a fast-changing world.

Understanding IT is now considered necessary to do many jobs, such as automotive mechanics.

The school took part in the Hour of Code program, which focuses on computer programming, known as coding.

The international event involves coding to boost problem-solving skills, logic and creativity, using age-appropriate tutorials in different computer languages.

Teacher Roger Fernandes says students from transition to year 8/9 took part as a chance “to further develop their involvement in the field of computer science”.

“They designed and coded retro games, animated dance parties with music, made worlds with Minecraft, designed mazes and racing games, produced art, comic strips and music,” he says.

“Hour of Code wonderfully combined coding with popular franchises and cartoons like Star Wars, Frozen and Moana.

“The experience showed us computer science can be fun and inventive, and it suits all age groups.

“It was amazing to see how comfortable students were with technology. Some are natural coders.”