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Environmental Research Permit

Your Details

Your full legal name


Include the start and end dates

Detailed outline of locations (with approximate coordinates) of study area and/or sample sites for the research project.


Please provide details of the methodology of the project. This should include: target species, fauna and flora survey/sampling methodology, firearm or poison use and any plans to undertake bioprospecting activities.

Ethics Commitee

Has the project received approval from an authorized ethics committee?

Will this research affect the physical environment? If yes, how do you plan to mitigate these impacts?

Will you visit any communities during the research? If yes, please list which communities and how often you anticipate visiting each community.


What transportation arrangements will you make for your time on the island?

Do you require any logistical (or other) support from the ALSM unit? Please detail requirements.

Aboriginal Culture & Intellectual Property Rights

Does the project seek to use local indigenous knowledge? How will you ensure indigenous knowledge gathered during the project remains confidential? What provisions in the research proposal ensure Aboriginal cultural and intellectual property rights are protected?

Do you plan to include photography, film, sound recording or other forms of media as part of your project? Please describe.

Usage of flora or fauna

Do you intend to use flora or fauna genetic material?

Aboriginal Participation

How do you propose to engage traditional landowners in this project?

Does your project require the knowledge and participation of traditional owners? If so, how will individuals be compensated for their services?

What types of monetary or non-monetary benefits will be provided to the communities/traditional owners for the use of their land, waters or knowledge? E.g. skills and training, awareness and education, capacity development.

Does your research provide opportunities for ranger skill/knowledge development? If yes, describe.


How will the research outcomes inform land and/or sea management activities undertaken within the Anindilyakwa IPA?

Please provide details of how you plan to present the progress and outcomes of the project to traditional owners and the ALSM unit.


Please detail any other relevant information about your project that has not been covered above

By entering my name below, I agree that all information provided is present and correct and that, if granted access, I will comply with the rules of the Anindilyakwa Land Council and respect the wishes of Traditional Owners.

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