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Film and Photography Permission

All external media are expected to report to ALC prior to conducting any filming that may be used for commercial purposes. You may also require location permission, copyright permission and a work permit. 

Please complete the forms below or contact us by telephone.

Film & Photography Permit

Copyright Consent Agreement (Film)

Release Agreement for Images


Warranties & Rights

The ALC on behalf of the Traditional Owners warrants that: (i) The Traditional Owners are the owners of the location and have been consulted and authorised the ALC to enter into this agreement on their behalf. (ii) The permission of no other person, or corporation is or will be necessary in order to enable the producer to exercise and enjoy fully the rights and benefits granted in the agreement. (iii) The ALC on behalf of the Traditional Owners have advised the producer of any defects and/or dangers of which the Owners are aware in relation to the location. (iv) This permission shall include, without limitation, the right to bring personnel and equipment onto the location.

Conditions of Land Access

The producer agrees to remove and clean up after completion of work and such other rights as set out below.

Statements of Indemnity

(i) The ALC on behalf of the Traditional Owners agree to indemnify and hold harmless the producer against and from any and all loss and damage (including expenses not limited to legal fees) arising out of, or in connection with a breach of the above warranties. (ii) The producer agrees to indemnify and hold the ALC on behalf of the Traditional Owners, harmless against and from any and all liability, loss and theft, which the producer may suffer by reason of accidents or other damage to the location or bodily injury including death, caused by the negligence of any of its employees on or about the location (ordinary wear and tear of the location in connection with the use specified in this agreement excepted).

Free, Prior and Informed Consent

The ALC on behalf of the Traditional Owners confirm that they are aware of the subject matter of the film as set out the Schedule.

Damage to Location

The ALC on behalf of the Traditional Owners agree to notify the producer in writing within seven (7) days of completion of the filming of any damage claimed to arise from the producer’s use of the location. The producer and its representatives will be allowed access to the location to assess and (where appropriate) rectify any such damage. Failure by the Traditional Owners to notify the producer in accordance with this paragraph shall relieve the producer of all responsibility in respect of damage arising from its use of the location.

By entering my name below, I agree that all information provided is present and correct and that, if granted access, I will comply with the rules of the Anindilyakwa Land Council and respect the wishes of Traditional Owners.

If an error occurs during form validation you will not be charged. You will only be charged when form submit is completed without errors.