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Economic Initiatives

The ALC distributes royalty monies received from mining, on behalf of the 14 clans. This distribution goes to ORIC businesses who must first present a sound business case to the board. As per ORIC requirements, all funds provided by the ALC must be shown to have been acquitted, via transparent and legal means.

Already on Groote Eylandt, there are 13 Indigenous-owned corporations conforming to very stringent ORIC requisites. These corporations are involved in many different types of enterprise, from tourism ventures, art marketing, car rental, marina development and shops, to delivering municipal, social and youth service programs, building houses, government infrastructure and major civil works. In some instances, the government may even approach the ALC to develop partnerships and fund capital works that it could not otherwise afford.

Most importantly of all, these enterprises provide real on the job training and real jobs for Indigenous people on Groote Eylandt. Indigenous enterprise makes people walk taller, feel prouder and affords us some ‘skin in the game’ in the Australian business world.

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