Cultural Centres

Knowledge protection, cultural maintenance and, where appropriate, sharing have been identified in many independent studies as fundamental to the health and wellbeing of Australian Indigenous communities.

By the end of 2017, the ALC in partnership with the Federal Government will have built three cultural enterprise hubs, complete with multimedia areas, offices, as well as places for cultural display and workshops, both indoors and out. This is an investment to the tune of approximately $7.6m. These will be places where people can meet, learn and engage in contemporary or traditional culture and art. Places where the young can learn from elders, and vice versa. Interactive technologies and media will enable our young people to immerse themselves within the emerging digital economies, in an educated and sophisticated manner. Performance spaces and music studios will support budding artists, while enabling traditional dance and song to be recorded and passed on to selected aficionados.

The art market for Aboriginal contemporary art has always been hungry for emerging artists, actors and musicians. It is envisioned that Groote Eylandt Cultural Centres will be a place for a new breed of artists to develop and hone their skills, before showcasing them to the rest of the world.